Consultation Fees

Initial consultation: This is a pre-requisite for any other astrological work, and includes:

  1. Identification of current primary issues and areas for healing
  2. Inquiry into reincarnational issues
  3. Appreciation of unique gifts, blessings and challenges
  4. Career options
  5. Overview of the year ahead
  6. Detailed look at the month ahead
  7. Individualized plan for daily spiritual/magical practice
  8. Worksheets and handouts customized to support that plan
  9. A recording of our consultation
  10. A copy of the chart

    Fee: $297

Follow-up consultation: You can look at specific issues, or take a general look ahead for the year. This consultation will take about 45 minutes.
Fee: $125

Relationship analysis: Both charts are analyzed, and the discussion will center around the interaction of both people’s needs, areas of interest, relationship strengths, possible conflicts and other compatibility issues.
Fee: $250 for established clients

Tarot reading: The cards give detailed insights, though the scope is generally more limited than the astrology chart.
Fee: $65

Natal Chart Wheel: An easily-readable natal chart with aspects sent in a pdf file.
Fee: $5