Urania, whom the ancient Greeks named the Muse of Astrology, claims as her own the well of the infinite night sky. For millennia, astrologers have looked into Urania’s Well to discern the patterns of the stars and understand how those patterns are reflected within our everyday world.

Today, ongoing scientific revelations and discoveries are beginning to reveal a Universe in which every particle is connected with every other in a vast, unified web. This web is woven in intricate patterns that are reflected in the interactions of the smallest quantum particles and the largest fields of the cosmos. From the miniscule to the vast, we are inextricably entwined with the Universe we inhabit.

Astrologers look to the patterns of the stars and planets, and find there an accurate reflection of the web of our human lives. There is a pattern in the map of the skies of the blessings and challenges inherent at our birth, and a map of all the potential futures we have the opportunity to create. Astrology expands our awareness of the choices available to us.

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